Only partial phonebook with rSAP

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Only partial phonebook with rSAP

Post by feedler » Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:23 am

Good morning,
I use rSAP since it got available with VW-premium car-kit in my Sharan. It is a wonderful tool. My phone: HTC HD2 with android Gingerbread (at the moment: Dorimanx-ROM-HIGH-END 2.7.8).

I have a small problem: rSAP tries to read my phonebook, but can only import about 65 contacts (I have about 150 contact in my phonebook). The program terminates normally, but I never have all contacts in my car-phonebook. The contacts seem to be randomly read, as there are contacts from A to Z, but in between some contacts are missing.

As I read somewhere, that rSAP reads contacts on SIM directly, I copied the most used contacts to the SIM, but I cannot access these contacts on my carphone.

Is there a way to ensure, that alle contacts (or at most the contacts on the SIM) can be transferred to the car-phone?

Thanks in advance (and I apologise for my bad english)

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Re: Only partial phonebook with rSAP

Post by admin » Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:07 pm

Can you please check if your contacts have email addresses with "home" or "work" property and if exactly these are missing?

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