problem with rSAP after changed 3G to 4G SIM in mobile phone

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problem with rSAP after changed 3G to 4G SIM in mobile phone

Post by Zlatko » Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:06 pm

Hello Everyone,
I am using Skoda Columbus entertainment system installed in SUPERB since March 2015. :D Everything was perfect regarding Bluetooth Premium connectivity with my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 as long as I had 3G SIM card installed in the phone. ;)
Month ago I changed SIM card with new one capable to access 4G network and troubles started with my Columbus system and functionalities. :(
So, if I connect mobile phone (with 4G card) via Bluetooth Premium connectivity with the car, and if 4G network is available in the area where car is located, then Columbus is not able to register to mobile network. Even if data traffic is disabled on Columbus – it does not allow access to mobile network. Premium Bluetooth Connectivity between the car and the phone is established, but phone drops connectivity every 2-3 minutes. From the moment phone drop connectivity, everything is blocked in Columbus menu for next 30-45 seconds. :evil:
In the area where 4G network (by mobile operator) is not available – Columbus works perfect with 4G SIM card installed in the phone.
Same scenario I tried with different phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) with installed 4G SIM card and results are the same.
Both phones with installed 3G SIM cards work perfect with Columbus via Premium Bluetooth connectivity.
No issues when Columbus is connected with the phone using regular (Hands free) Bluetooth connectivity, but in that case Premium functionalities are unavailable.
It looks like that some Columbus firmware upgrade is required to fix above issue. :idea: I already visited official Skoda service. After online validation, firmware installed in my car is the latest one. :arrow: There is no official answer from Skoda yet.
Does anyone have same issue :?:

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