Search google on phone, put result in a contact to Nav to

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Search google on phone, put result in a contact to Nav to

Post by bignose2 » Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:51 am


Perhaps not the right place to ask but as related here thought worth a go.


New Audi Q5 so still learning, have BT Low (Think now should have had high) i.e. no connect .. NO google search or better traffic. Shame really as loads contacts and full handsfree integration works great.

Searching for POI or destinations on most Sat Nav's is always a pain, google (Maps) just gets it 99% of the time.

I wondered if an app could be developed to use google search (Maps I guess) to find the Address of a POI or whatever and get it to store in a pre-defined contact e.g. "Destination1". Not quite sure of procedure, can you run an app from OK google or a tap, then it opens google to search then somehow the results are transferred back to the App, again I think this might be much harder than I first though..

It would then be easy on my Audi to use the Audi MMI to navigate to that contact, assuming it updates the contacts that quickly, as I type I wonder if it loads the contacts once on connection so perhaps it will fail at the first hurdle, I will check this.

ps. Does anyone know if can software upgrade to High i.e. audi connect assuming I can use my SGS4 rSAP (I know some doubt so would not wish to spend a lot on upgrade or Audi connect (Is it just me or is not easy to find the cost of the audi connect service)

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Re: Search google on phone, put result in a contact to Nav t

Post by admin » Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:28 pm

2 problems:

The phonebook indeed is usually only updated when you switch on the car. Maybe it's possible to force it somewhere in the car.

The second problem is more caused by my ignorance: how can I add the geographic location from a Google search to a contact? Do I have to do that on the phone? Is there some copy & paste from browser to contacts app?

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