Audi RS6 2013 - HTC One - wrong APN

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Audi RS6 2013 - HTC One - wrong APN

Post by y@nn » Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:20 am

Im quiet new with the RSAP stuff, but I managed so far to root my HTC One, to get RSAP installed and also working.
My Problem:
1) I start BT connection, RSAP start as well (I got the V 2.4.1)
2) go in the car, the bT connect automatically to the htc one, then I have to manually connect to "car-phone" then the rsap is starting...
3) I got a connection, I see 3G sign, but then the connection stucked on "Orange website" saying the phone has wrong internet settings...if I disconnet the BT/rsap, I got the correct settings in the phone...???
It looks like the car is looking for a bad APN-connection settings? anybody has a solution, or got the same problem?

thank you

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