HTC EVO 3D + MMI help

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HTC EVO 3D + MMI help

Post by cracks2 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:33 am


Hello we have purchased your app but unfortunately we cannot get it working.

What we have done:

I have rooted the HTC EVO 3d successfully and Android super user is working correctly.
I have successfully installed the installation files, following these instructions:
I have purchased the app and installed it.

When I start the app I see the following:
Bluetooth state:
not connected
STP records not fixed
SIM state:
Normal phone operation

Then we tried to connect it to the Audi MMI, I have followed other forum instructions and deleted all old pairing links on the phone and MMI.
I make sure the Bluetooth on the phone is discoverable and search for the phone via the MMI.
The phone is found but when we try to make a connection I only have the options: hands free or Music player…. No sap profile.

I tried to first make a hands free link and then try to find a sap profile on the MMI to no avail..
I have tried all possible scenarios with pairing the phones but I do not see a SAP profile.

When connected to the MMI in hands free mode all the Rsap settings on the phone seen above stay the same, not connect or fixed.

Am I missing something? I have read that a sap paired connecting need a x16 long password handshake?
Do I need to activate something on the phone side to bring up the sap profile on the MMI?

Ps: the MMI is from the new Audi A8 and is Rasp compatible, I do see an option on the search for new telephone screen on the MMI: connect a telephone or add SIM. Unfortunately I cannot select this.

Grateful for ANY help!!!

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Re: HTC EVO 3D + MMI help

Post by admin » Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:14 pm

I moved the topic to the Audi stuff...

It looks like the Audi A8 is also a victim of the "SDP fix" problem, like the Porsche PCM. Sadly I did never have a chance to test the app with an A8 myself and I don't get much feedback from Audi drivers. Although it seems to run with an A6 with HTC stock ROM. You may try to flash an AOSP custom ROM like CyanogenMod, this does not have the "SDP fix" issue.

The next problem is probably bigger: No one confirmed so far that the HTC EVO3D works at all with my rSAP app. Since the phone is quite similar to the HTC Sensation chances are high that it will not.

Please use the trial version always to test for compatibility!

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Re: HTC EVO 3D + MMI help

Post by cracks2 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:17 pm


Thanks for taking the time to explain the situation to me, that’s really unfortunate.

Well I’ve got the same thread running at the xda-developers site in the HTC evo 3d sub forum, I have updated your reply there and asked if there are any known ROM etc that do allow your app to work.
Ill update any relevant news on this thread.

Ps: I did install the trial but the 10min started on install, I didn’t realize this..

Thanks anyhow!

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