I search a dual SIM phone rSAP compatible

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I search a dual SIM phone rSAP compatible

Post by folqkpyl » Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:19 am


I know that I search a specific cellphone but I'm not alone in this case.
I live in a country near the border (France) and work in another country (Switzerland).
I already have two phones (private and professional) and I will need to have another one; so I don't want to have 3 phones with me and I can't touch my professional phone (specific configuration).
Actually I have a Galaxy Note 3 and my car have a Mercedes-Benz SAP v3 bluetooth module.

I was quite surprised to find that the easiest way is to choice between dual sim or rSAP (out-of-the-box).
My usage is basic: phone, sms, whatsapp, web browser, audio player; if possible nice pictures.
I want to choice the SIM who provides data for avoiding roaming. I will root my phone for install AdAway (Ads blocker).
I only want to connect my main SIM with rSAP.

So, do you know any good dual SIM's smartphones compatible with rSAP (out-of-the-box or not)?

I think about OnePlus but I saw that it's will be not possible for the version 2 & 3, maybe it will be ok for the 3T...
Also, I saw the Moto G4 Plus, one people on this forum successfully installed the apps but had an issue (no reply: "Moto G4 will not connect to VW Premium"). The big plus for this phone is that you can have 2 SIM and one SD card.

Thank you very much for any advise!

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Re: I search a dual SIM phone rSAP compatible

Post by admin » Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:41 am

It's most of all a question of the chipset

Qualcomm phones don't support rSAP very well. Some cause more, some less problems. Sometimes the phone needs a reboot after an rSAP connection which is very tedious.

The Chinese MediaTek phones usually work well with my app, some even support rSAP out of the box e.g. Elephone P9000. I don't know how you can find out if a phone supports it without my app in advance. I'd guess Android 6 phones are more likely because Android 6 has basic rSAP support built in. Usually you can select which SIM card should be used for rSAP.

The drawback of the MediaTek phones is that they are cheap and often you see and feel that. Only very few are supported by Cyanogen, so usually the firmware you buy the phone with is the only one you'll ever have. Don't expect updates, although sometimes they happen...

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