SW Update dated 14.4.2014 available for SAP V4 module

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SW Update dated 14.4.2014 available for SAP V4 module

Post by Gagome » Sat May 31, 2014 12:32 pm

I have looked at http://www.mercedes-benz.com/connect to check if there is a new SW version for my SAP V4 module available. And indeed there is. I have downloaded the file TP48040113.zip and this contains a SW version from 14.4.2014. The previous file which I have downloaded last year was TP48040090.zip which SW version file has a date of 8.5.2013.
I guess the last four digits of the file are some kind of version number.

Anyway, I have installed this SW version to my SAP V4 module and now it works indeed better. With the previous version COMAND NTG4.5 (which has the online capability) connected mostly to "Komfort Telefon". Basically all telephone functions did work but with "Komfort Telefon" any online connection didn't. To solve this problem I had to manually connect from COMAND to my SAP phone SCH-I415 (this is a Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II with the app rSAP for Android installed). This was getting annoying whenever I needed the online functionality.
Now with the new SW version COMAND connects always with SCH-I415 and every function is available.

So, for me the new version is an improvement.

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