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HTC Desire SV (Dual SIM) Android 4.0.4

Post by klaussc » Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:42 pm

Hallo, i have root my phone and will install the rsap Installations App V2.5.
I push "Systemdateien installieren/aktuallisieren" then im must select: Nativ, Generisch or Special for One X
Then i select Nativ (for Desire) the Phone make a reeboot.

now i install rSAP Trial, the Phone says: rSAP Systemdateien nicht korrekt installiert, bitte beachten Sie die Installationsanleitung...

What can i do?

Thanks for help.


sorry for my bad english

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Re: HTC Desire SV (Dual SIM) Android 4.0.4

Post by admin » Fri Jul 18, 2014 12:07 pm

I must confess I don't know if the Desire SV works at all, at least the One SV does not work. Maybe the dual SIM feature will cause problems, but you will see.

Since the Desire SV is a quite new phone I don't think the "native" system files will work, rather try the "generic" option. A second problem may be the write protection of the system partition in recent HTC ROMs. You should flash a custom recovery software - if not already done - and then use the recovery installation option.

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