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Installation on HTC Desire S

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Installation on HTC Desire S

Post by Gribbo » Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:05 pm

I have just bought your app in the hope that it will allow me to use my HTC Desire S on Vodafone Uk with my 2011 VW Golf with factory fitted Bluetooth.
I have a message on the phone screen when I open rsap which reads 'rsap system files not installed properly! Please read installation instructions on'

I have gone into the site and I have to confess the installation instructions mean nothing to me. I am not the most technologically proficient person and I am unable to follow your instructions!! Can you assist with some more simple ones?

The car does now recognise my phone and come up with the pairing screen on the phone, asking me to enter a pass code. on the phone it says eg. 0000 or 1234 whereas on the car it says try 0000 1111 8888 9999. I have tried every entering these codes but the car gives the message 'authorisation failed'. Please help!!!

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Re: Installation on HTC Desire S

Post by admin » Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:27 am

I hope this is still valid for most HTC phones, if not please correct me anyone. Note that you may loose warranty when you root your phone! There is also a small chance that you damage your phone, so do at your own risk!

  • Goto Revolutionary site ( and follow the instructions to set your phone S-OFF. Be sure to accept flashing ClockworkMod recovery.
  • Goto and download the latest "efgh" zip file. Place it on the SD card and install it using ClockworkMod recovery. You get into recovery mode by pressing special keys while powering the phone on. In the recovery menu you choose the option to install a zip file. After installing and rebooting you should have an app named "Superuser". Now your phone is "rooted".
This is only a very quick overview. There are a lot of guides in the net that may be more detailed. Just google for "Desire S" root.

Now you can download the rSAP installer app and push the "Install" button. If you don't get any error message the rSAP app should be working now.

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Re: Installation on HTC Desire S

Post by Gribbo » Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:20 pm

Thanks for the quick reply.
I am afraid I am not prepared to do anything that will potentially damage my phone. I thought in my naivety that I had bought an app from the android market that allowed my phone to work with my car kit.
I didnt realise that this required following a procedure that could potentially damage my phone and invalidate its warranty. If I knew this I would never have paid the rather pricely sum of £7.99 for this app.
Can I please have a refund?

Kind Regards, Neil

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