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rSAP not enabled correctly

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:02 pm
by bodeveu

I have four question concerning rSAP and your application. I just want to be sure that this application is useful for me, before I will buy the full version.

1. I just connected to my skoda's bluetooth system using your program (trial version). The problem is, that the phone is recognized as compatible by car only after I go on my mobile phone to rSAP->Settings->Check SIM card access. It goes successfully through the test, and became visible as compatible with rSAP (as I suppose the connection to SIM card is established just after test). What can cause this issue?
In both cases I'm connecting during 10 minutes trial time, so that should not be the case.
2. Please instruct me how to enable/disable sim connection properly (not using connection test as mentioned above).
3. Is it possible to use Internet in phone when rSAP is connected? If yes, how to set this? I noticed, that after rSAP connection is enabled my Internet connection is automatically disabled.
4. Is it possible to connect to COLUMBUS phone set without rSAP? I read something about connecting any bluetooh phone in hands free mode, but when I'm connecting my phone I don't see any option to choose between full integration (rSAP) or hands-free mode?

My phone profile is already configured and saved with PIN in the car.
Phone specs:
Samsung galaxy S advance I9070
Android 4.1.2
Version number JZO54K.I9070XXLQE

Re: rSAP not enabled correctly

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:50 am
by admin
1+2. I don’t have any clue what may happen. Usually you only set the phone Bluetooth visible and start the search from the car. Please try the following: stop the trial app in Android settings, start it, set the phone Bluetooth visible and try the pairing. After that the phone should connect automatically - while in the trial time. If it still doesn't work please mail a "main" log to admin at ...

3. During an rSAP connection the phone virtually has no SIM card, so it cannot establish a data connection. Older VW Premium phones have a Bluetooth GPRS or UMTS modem, the latest version even a WiFi hotspot. The UMTS modem may be used with the BlueVPN app. I'm not sure which version to use with Android 4.1.2. So far I could not establish a connection with the older GPRS Premium box, but it may be my fault.

4. This depends on how old your Premium device is (the nav system doesn't play a role). The newer devices (ca. 2011) support Handsfree and rSAP, the older ones only rSAP. See also here:

Re: rSAP not enabled correctly

Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:07 pm
by bodeveu

thank you for the fast response.

It took me some time, because I had to change my SIM card - the previous one was not supporting all necessary for rSAP functions.

In the meantime I used my old Nokia 6303 and thus I know how it should work - it is really convenient solution, after turning on the ignition the car searches for paired BT device and connects it automatically.

I tested your application with the new SIM card. Unfortunately after I turn on BT in my phone, your application seems to be inactive - it is not detected by the car, in application status I can see BT status 'Not connected' and SIM status 'Normal telephone work'. To be able to initiate your application properly I have to go to settings and test SIM card access. After that my phone begins to be visible as compatible with rSAP. What can be the cause?

During SIM access test it returns TRANSFER_APDU_REQ failure, parameter ResponseAPDU was not found.

Where can I find the log, to send to you for verification. Please provide the path.


Re: rSAP not enabled correctly

Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:08 pm
by admin
If you switch on Bluetooth shortly before or after you switch on the car, the car might miss my app. It takes a few seconds to start up after you switch on Bluetooth. I don't think there is any connection to the SIM check.

The logs are saved in folder 'rsap' on the "SD card"/USB storage. Mail them to admin at ...