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Bug List

Post by admin » Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:02 pm

From your feedback and from my own investigations I'm happy (?) to present a list of currently known bugs and problems in HTC and AOSP PBAP implementation. I'll edit this list when new information becomes available.

  • picture data often has invalid format. Base64 coding but invalid number of characters
  • VWs show two garbage characters instead of special characters. Not clear whether it is a bug in the phone or in the car.
  • PBAP returns error when querying SIM contacts. This breaks Mercedes SAP V3. An empty list would be better.
  • VWs don't like email addresses with 'home' or 'work' attribute.
  • PBAP may crash silently when vCard 3.0 format is requested and entries contain non-ASCII characters (Porsche PCM3).
  • 'Filter' parameter in PullPhoneBook function is ignored
  • Strange phone number type (i.e. not 'cell', 'work', 'home', ...) may lead to invalid phone number entry. This may cause car kit to ignore the entry. It seems to happen to contacts that are synced with MyPhoneExplorer
Samsung Galaxy S II ICS (based on AOSP):
  • Only Google synced contacts seem to be transferred to the car. Not sure yet if this is because of features of SGS2 Contacts app or a general problem of AOSP.
  • Sometimes the phonebook transfer causes an abort of the Bluetooth connection including rSAP

Samsung Galaxy S III JB:
  • Sometimes there are junk characters at the end of a contact vcard. Probably this happens when an entry has a strange phone number type i.e. not 'cell', 'work', 'home', ... See above under AOSP. Perhaps this is also the root cause for Galaxy S II problems.
For the AOSP based ROMs I'll try to create fixes and workarounds for the issues with my phonebook app. For HTC ROMs PBAP is 'Closed Source' and I could not yet find out how to replace it with the AOSP implementation. Maybe someone can help?


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