S3 JellyBean (stock XXDLIB) phone book problems (Solved!)

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S3 JellyBean (stock XXDLIB) phone book problems (Solved!)

Post by Tom999 » Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:44 pm


For some time now, Poland got the official JellyBean update (XXDLIB). I can confirm that it has rSAP built in and is connecting properly to Volkswagen RNS510 (in a Golf VI from 2011) via rSAP.

However, about 10 contacts are not synced. I do not think it is the "RNS510 do not like home or work email entries" error, because funnily enough the contacts with 2 or three email fields (marked as "Home", "Work", "Other" in all possible combinations) sync without problems.
I have not been able to find something systematic why some contatcs don't get synced.

Replacing the SecBluetooth.apk/odex with the Bluetooth.apk from here gives perfect contacts synchronization, but loses rSAP (which I expected, but gave it a try anyway).

I am going to test this with the official firmware rolled out in Spain (XXDLIH) and will post results here.

I tried installing the app on my phone and failed miserably. Bluetooth did not work after install, uninstalling did not work. You said somewhere in the forum that the leaked JellyBeans are not supported (yet). What about the official ROMs from other European countries? Those are official :-)

EDIT 22. Oct
After checking even more (and causing the police to question me because they saw me sitting in a car, fumbling around with a laptop, cables and my mobile phone...) I think I sorted it out.
There were two causes for not syncing all contacts. First of all, I am syncing my contacts with my googlemail account. So this may apply only to google contacts:
1) Some contacts had the complete address information stored in the "street" field. To check, I had to move the mouse (in google contact manager) over the address and click on the "..." symbol that appears. Corrected that and they synced.
2) Some contacts were in the "Other Contacts" group. Moved them and they got synced. Which is strange because other groups I added did not have this problem.
3) There seems to be a maximum length for street names. Contacts with eg. "Bürgermeister-FooBar-Str. 99" don't get synced. Changing the entry to "Bgm-FooBar-Str. 99" solves that.

Today (22.10.2012) the XXDLIH firmware is rolled out from Samsung. rSAP is built in. Just tested it. Everything works fine.

I hope that may help others!


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