Help on Selecting Bluetooth kit for my Reqs.(Polo 6R)

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Help on Selecting Bluetooth kit for my Reqs.(Polo 6R)

Post by psuraj » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:10 am

Hello all ,my name is Suraj. I am from India. I have a galaxy nexus Gt-i9250 rooted. I own a polo 6r 1.6 tdi
here are my doubts. I need experts to please advise and help me make an informed decision.

small recap: in india no good head units are given. So i have planned to upgrade to RCD 510 (part no. 5K0035190). This is already decided and here RNS 510 is not even standard on Passat leave alone Jetta. All have to make do with RCD 510. I also have a low line cluster which will be upgraded to a High line maxi dot cluster too. All part of the upgrade package.

I came across this website and I am pretty much confused over the same. I did go through a few articles though.
The only difference between 9W7 Bluetooth module and 9WZ Bluetooth module is that the latter supports rSAP. I am fine with purchasing the app and doing the required changes. I exactly want to know the difference between 9W7 and 9WZ modules and what is the exact use of having rSAP. The car is shared between me and my dad. My dad uses a note 2 and note 3.

My Requiremnts from the system are
1. radio.
2. bluetooth a2dp along with album display on RCD 510.
3. Display in Cluster.
4. Contact name details on RCD and cluster along with answering/rejecting/dialing calls from cluster.
5. No issues cropping up with the same as the car will be with us for another 5 years atleast.
Please advice on the same.

I also need part numbers of 9w7 and 9wZ modules which are confirmed working with the least issues possible.
Quotes I have received from the local supplier.
1. RCD 510- 350 USD
2. 9W7 bluetooth-340 USD
3. 9WZ bluetooth -370 USD
4. Maxidot Cluster -700 USD with programming of keys and other things.
(note: bluetooth prices are with kits which include harness,foam and mic)
Please suggest me so that I make a correct decision and do not regret later on.

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Re: Help on Selecting Bluetooth kit for my Reqs.(Polo 6R)

Post by admin » Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:09 pm

First of all I don't know if you'll be able to get either phone module working in your Polo. At least the "Premium"/9WZ was never available in a Polo. If you manage to make all devices work you can do everything on your wish list. Both phone modules support Bluetooth audio, but I'm not sure about album cover art.

The latest "Premium"/9WZ module has part number 3C8 035 730D. I don't know the part number of the 9W7 module.

If your phone module supports rSAP it means that it has a complete GSM unit inside which only "borrows" the SIM card from your mobile phone. The advantage is the better receiption quality because of the external antenna.

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