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trying a howto for clean install on Note with 4.0.4 inkl pba

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:29 pm
by note2rns
having read most of the forum, I'm still unsure on how to do a clean install ideally without rooting and solving the incomplete pbab phonebook transfer.

My setup is a Note without any changes. no rooting. original rom. updated to 4.0.4 and without changes to bluetooth.
my handsfree is a VW RNS 510 Premium from 2011.

with 4.0.4, Samsung re-implemented rsap. unfortunately, still the pbab does a filtering where contacts are not transfered when there is for example text in the memo field.

I did the Installation with the zip file and booting so I didn't need to root.
i Used the trial app. rsap worked but still not all contacts are synced.

Uwe has written about some extra steps. but then rooting is needed which I would like to avoid.
i also noticed that the odex is still there....

any ideas?

i will add links when I have access to a real PC.... :-)