Nokia 610 Car Kit, original HTC Rom = working, CM7.1 = not

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Nokia 610 Car Kit, original HTC Rom = working, CM7.1 = not

Post by midrag » Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:17 pm


i tried the trial version on my htc desire with the original Froyo ROM. I could connect to my Nokia 610 Carkit successfully but i could not sync the contacts.

So i thought that this was the best moment for me to upgrade to CM7.1. So installed the newest CM7.1 and flashed the radio to the newest version. After installing the .so and again the rsap trial i could no longer connect to my 610 car kit! I know that i have to be fast while eintering the password. I tried it several times. Just the moment i hint "ok" after entering the password the 610 switches back to "reconnect to SIM". Curiosly my HTC reconises the 610 as paired (Settings -> Wireless -> Bluetooth -> Bluetooth devices.

Does anyone had similiar problems?
Why could i connect with the original ROM without problems and with CM7.1 not?

Since i did not enter my PIN or call anyone i attached the logfiles. My HTC desire's Bluetooth name is "midrag".

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Re: Nokia 610 Car Kit, original HTC Rom = working, CM7.1 = n

Post by admin » Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:20 pm

Did you try a factory reset on the Nokia? I only know the Nokia 616 and could connect with my Desire with stock ROM and with CyanogenMod. It sometimes behaved strangely when I switched to a different ROM. I also had the problem that the Bluetooth pin entry vanished within seconds and I could no longer connect. I could not find out why this happened and after a while the problem disappeared.

Regarding the contact sync: The Nokia 616 transfers the SIM contacts using rSAP, but I could not find out what protocol it uses for the phone contacts. It looks like it does not use the PBAP protocol. So switching to CyanogenMod may not improve your situation. Perhaps the best idea is to copy all phone contacts to the SIM card.

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