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GPRS modem in 2008 Passat B6 Premium

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:08 am
by Tomek

I'm trying to fire up the gprs connection in my car. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. It didn't worked. So I've decided to connect some device that should work out of the box. My second phone: Nokia e52. But still - the Access Point in car settings is empty. Then I have tried even older phone (found in drawer) - Nokia 6230. Still no go.

How this thong works? In menu => Bluetooth => extras => modem i have two options: active device, and paired devices. There's no option to look for bt modem etc.

Does anybody knows how it's working (or at least how it's supposed to be working)?


Re: GPRS modem in 2008 Passat B6 Premium

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:25 pm
by admin
You need an app like BlueVPN on your phone. There is a test version available in Play Store ( ... m.bluexvpn) but this immediately showed me that the trial period is exceeded. Older versions ran without restrictions.

Now you simply start BlueVPN and connect to your car. You'll get a question in your car if you want to allow acces, and that's it. Sometimes the connection doesn't succeed and BlueVPN is stuck at "negotiating". I don't know whose fault this is, car or BlueVPN.

Remember that the Internet access you get on your phone with BlueVPN does not automatically sync some stuff. But Google Maps should work.

Re: GPRS modem in 2008 Passat B6 Premium

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:08 am
by Tomek
Thank you for the replay, however - in my car's phone settings - there are none ap's defined. So IMO blue vpn won't gimme nothing as long, as the car doesn't connect to gprs.

As I've wrote - nor Nokia 6230, nor e52 can connect to gprs as well (I mean - the car doesn't 'download' ap settings from phone). I was wondering how this worked back in 2008 when android phones/smartphones were very rare. Shouldn't it work out-of-the-box with some Nokia phones from 'back then'?

The second odd thing I've noticed I'd that newer models of VW premium phones have an option to find and pair Bluetooth gprs modems. I have an option to find and pair ('connect') bt headphone (eg. for private conversations) but in modem settings there is only access point option which is empty. Newer cars (with b&w MFA) has options to find bt modem...

Re: GPRS modem in 2008 Passat B6 Premium

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:10 am
by admin
I don't remember that I ever had to choose something in the car, only accept connection. And sometimes I got the message that the connection aborted :roll:

You definitely have to start the connection from the phone, that's what you need BlueVPN for. I don't think the car downloads anything from the phone. The phone is the master, the car is the slave!

Modern cars use Bluetooth modems the other way around: the nav systems needs Internet access for Google Maps or traffic information or whatever. If you don't have something like the Premium/Business phone option, the only chance for the car is to find a modem service in the paired phone. Mercedes is known to use Bluetooth DUN for this purpose, Audi uses Bluetooth PAN as far as I know. In 2008 cars had no use for Internet access...

I don't know if Nokia phones supported the Bluetooth DUN profile. Probably they do, but it will be hard to find out how to start a connection in their user friendly menu :lol:

Re: GPRS modem in 2008 Passat B6 Premium

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:23 pm
by Tomek
I've went to my car and have played a moment with this &%$&*%$ premium phone for a while. I've brought two phones and have tested on both of them. My Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nokia e52.

First of all - I've tried to set-up a simultanous connection car => phone and phone => car. Can't do it, cause phone refuses to make another bt connection when the first one is active. Then I've tried to do the same on Nokia. Still no go.

The I've tried to connect my Samsung as usual, and find the premium bt on Nokia e52. It works. But when I try to connect from Nokia to car - nothing is happening. Just 'Connecting' forever. My SGS5 doesn't see ve phone at all when e52 is connected.

I'm not quite sure how do I suppose to use Blue DUN app. I'll look for some info on goolge and test it after leaving the office.

Re: GPRS modem in 2008 Passat B6 Premium

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:07 pm
by admin
Maybe you should explain what you try to achieve.

The "normal" use is to regain Internet access on your smartphone, which you lost because the SIM card is virtually removed from it. That's possible with BlueVPN. The only drawback is that you have to manually start the connection each time you enter the car. The phone now gets Internet access via the car phone.

I remember that sometimes BlueVPN could not establish a connection, but it worked after a few retries. Maybe your provider needs some special settings, but as far as I remember you have to specify this in the BlueVPN app and not in the car.

I remember that somewhere in this forum a user mentioned that he implemented a WiFi router with a Raspberry Pi (?), so it should be possible to connect a second device to the Premium phone. But maybe it was the newer version with UMTS/3G.