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Nokia 616 car kit DUN

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Nokia 616 car kit DUN

Post by amiodons » Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:16 am

Does the plugin work with the 616?
I haven't tried the rSAP app yet.
With BlueVPN I always get "Service discovery failure" or "connection refused". Connecting my SGS2 to a Sagem my501c mobile for GPRS works.
With the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack in Windows 7 I see following profiles: Dial-up network, Hands-free, Fax and COM1. Windows modem Diagnostics shows the car kit modem version (610) when a bluetooth COM port was connected, but I didn't get GPRS connection yet. Does anybody have the inf from the This file from Nokia is not available anymore.
See ... _guide.pdf


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Re: Nokia 616 car kit DUN

Post by Svennbg » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:39 pm

I ve tried the plugin with HTC HD2 with nativesd ROM PIXELDROID_JELLY_BEAN_V8.0.
The RSAP Connection to Nokia 616 is working.
But the plugin Status changes from IDLE to connecting... :D end finally to error :oops:
When i disconnect the phone it changes to disconnecting and then to idle.
Any idea what causes the Problem?

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Re: Nokia 616 car kit DUN

Post by amiodons » Mon May 04, 2015 5:48 pm

What I have found out is that the Nokia 616 can do only ONE simultaneous BT service connection. It's a limit of the built in BT modem.
So if the you access the sim card via BT rSAP you can't do a second BT connection, eg DUN via GPRS. You loose the connection to the SIM card and therefore immediately the GPRS connection. A Catch-22 situation.
GPRS and DUN via BT work if the SIM card is in the 616 built in SIM socket.
The only way out is to use the RS-232 port (10 pin RJ-45) and connect to it a serial BT Dongle. Pair to that and You have DUN while not loosing rSAP. I have ordered on ebay a cheap BT serial transmitter and will try that out.

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