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Many thanks - fixed my issues with Xperia Z2 on Lollipop

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Many thanks - fixed my issues with Xperia Z2 on Lollipop

Post by iriches » Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:12 am

Just a short note to say thanks for this app.

Since upgrading my Sony Xperia Z2 to Lollipop from KitKat I've had all manner of weirdness transferring the phonebook to the MIB1 Amundsen unit in my Mk3 Skoda Octavia. Issues included:

  • Unit would state Phonebook has not imported properly, but on re-starting the headunit it was there
  • Subsequent trips in the car would cause contacts to start becoming duplicated
  • Editing a contact on the phone would cause it to become duplicated in the head unit (new version would not overwrite the old)
  • Some contacts refused to display the contact picture
  • Some contacts displayed the incorrect contact picture
Since using the Bluetooth Phonebook app all these issues have gone away and it all works just fine.

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