Bluetooth Phonebook App

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Bluetooth Phonebook App

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Bluetooth Phonebook App

market://search?q=pname:com.android_rsap.irmc (mobile) ... _rsap.irmc

This app replaces the built-in Phonebook Access Profile on many phones and fixes some known problems. Please visit for more details and compatibility list.

Additionally this app implements Bluetooth IrMC/SYNCH profile needed by older car kits from Nokia and VW. IrMC/SYNCH profile only transfers contact data, no call lists.

Please give me feedback if it does not work for a phone/car kit combination, but also if it helped! Create a new topic or simply send me a mail to admin at android-rsap dot com.


Simply download from Google Play Store and run it once. The service is started automatically on each boot and when you switch Bluetooth on. The profile does not ask for access rights because that frequently causes trouble with the built-in PBAP phonebook transfer.


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