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Information about MediaTek phones

Post by admin » Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:00 pm

Remote SIM Access

MediaTek phones are supported by the installer app starting with version 2.5. Also since 2.5 of the rSAP app you can choose which SIM card should be used for rSAP on dual SIM phones.

Known issues:
  • SIM 1 and 2 may be mixed up by my app. So far I think this happens when you once run your phone with SIM 2 only, and then add SIM 1.
  • On MediaTek phones my app is only supported by cars that don't need the "full" Bluetooth service record! See the "Bluetooth Issues" here for more information: It currently doesn't look like I can fix this.
I tested on a Zopo C2 Platinum (MT6589T) and on an Alcatel OT-997D (MT6577). Please switch off stock rSAP manually if your phone has it. As always: the installer app needs ROOT.

Please create new threads in this section for your phone to report problems or success.

Some MediaTek phones already support rSAP with their stock firmware, e.g. the Alcatel OT-997D. It took me hours to find out that you have to manually enable rSAP first :oops:
On the OT-997D the setting is hidden in the Bluetooth extended settings.

The biggest disadvantage of the stock rSAP is (at least on the OT-997D) that you have to grant access to the SIM card every time you connect to your car.


My phonebook app works on recent MediaTek phones. Before Android 4.3 the app may cause crashes which require a reboot of the phone, especially when used together with the rSAP app. Be sure to test thoroughly with the trial version!


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