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S3mini: Bluetooth Phonebook removal?

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S3mini: Bluetooth Phonebook removal?

Post by S3mini user » Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:35 pm

My post topic is the headline short-term question: how do I successfully remove the bluetooth phonebook application? Simply uninstalling does not seem to leave the device in the state it was before.

Full situation: I have an S3mini running unbranded 4.1.2 and a Peugeot bluetooth radio that allows me to make calls through the car.

Previously, the car would load the (entire) phonebook and call history when you connected up the phone. However, this was done in a very primitive way - you can only scroll through the records very slowly and with no jumps. At this point it did work, albeit not very helpfully.
My objective was to limit the collection of contacts the car received, sending it roughly 30 top contacts rather than the ~1000 entries in my google-contacts list. I aimed to do this by forming a group on the phone for precisely these contacts. Unfortunately, the PBAP setup on the phone did not allow me to reduce the list sent, so I installed the trial version of your Bluetooth Phonebook. This appeared to work (the car displayed the correct names, correct numbers [apart from the bad digit], PBAP status time was updated) so I bought and installed the full version. I feel stupid for it now, but I did not restart the phone at any point between installing the trial version and installing the full version.

However, since I restarted my phone, the car has not been able to connect to the phonebook at all. The last time I tested this with your program installed the PBAP status was not changed, and when bringing up the menu the car only offered me 'call history' (the phonebook option was first greyed out, then next time I looked completely removed from the menu), and even this doesn't load when I click on the option.

As a temporary fix, I uninstalled the application and restarted the phone. This has not restored the bluetooth functionality, which remains in the state described above.

So, my questions are:
    - Is there a way to remove the program completely such that I can return to the previous working (if not great) situation?
    - Is there a way to actually achieve what I wanted?

Summary timeline (to best of my memory):
Test: worked ok. Installed trial. Test: worked perfectly. Installed full. Test: Car phonebook continued to tell me the 'dodgy' values from test version, but looked like PBAP wasn't queried at this point. De-paired phone and car, turned off both bluetooths, then turned off both devices. Waited a while. Turned on and repaired. Test: Does not connect. Uninstalled full. Restarted phone. Test: Does not connect.

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Re: S3mini: Bluetooth Phonebook removal?

Post by S3mini user » Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:27 pm

It worked after I made the two following changes:
    [ul]I turned off IrMC, since I wondered if the car was trying to accept this instead and getting confused.
    [ul] Having seen this thread, I kept the program in focus
I've been fiddling around with it for quite a long time now, so I'm going to wait till I've next taken it for a drive before testing any further (the battery is getting rather cross with me!) but hopefully I can find what actually 'cured' my issue.

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Re: S3mini: Bluetooth Phonebook removal?

Post by admin » Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:20 pm

First of all, when you reboot the phone after uninstalling the phonebook app, Bluetooth is working exactly like before the installation. The app does not (in fact: it cannot) change anything permanently.

If the car was confused by IrMC you should have seen a "last connected" there. There is though the possibility that the car is confused by the mere existence of IrMC...

Usually there is not much to think about with the phonebook app. It simply sits there and waits for requests by the car. But it cannot influence when the car will request the data. There is a possibility that the car requests the phonebook, but the request gets lost on it's way to my app. That's what the issue in the linked post is about. But this issue should be fixed with V1.1.7, I hope there is no further problem.

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Re: S3mini: Bluetooth Phonebook removal?

Post by S3mini user » Mon Mar 31, 2014 5:35 pm

Thanks for the reply. I'm sure that there is lots of irrelevant information in my messages, just thought it would be better than omitting something!

There were IrMC queries recorded yes, which was something towards forming that theory.

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