Information about HTC One S (villec2)

Discussions about running the rSAP app on the HTC One S with S3 processor (villec2)
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Information about HTC One S (villec2)

Post by admin » Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:09 pm

Remote SIM Access

The One S (villec2) is compatible with the "generic" rSAP system files. These have the following issues:
  • VW Premium must be set to GSM mode
  • SIM pin is ignored


The villec2 uses the "old" Broadcom Bluetooth stack. It may have problems transferring contacts that contain pictures.

The villec2 is not compatible with the Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP) of my Bluetooth Phonebook app.

How to root

The easiest solution seems to be ... ?t=1604677.

a. Install HTC drivers, ..., Unlock bootloader
b. Flash recovery. Be sure to flash the "S4" recovery!
c. Choose "Perm Root" in "Extras"

Important: The system partition cannot be set to writable on a stock HTC Jelly Bean (4.1.x) kernel even when properly rooted. Use the alternate installation for 4.1 or flash this file in recovery. This is the kernel module from here ... p=40179074 adapted for the One C2.
Disable system write protection for HTC stock kernel version 3.4.10-g4e8a4af
md5: 0b331ec5bf219852500efc0f891944cb
(144.27 KiB) Downloaded 206 times
Alternate Installation

You may optionally use zip files in recovery for installation/deinstallation of the rSAP system files instead of the rSAP installer app:
  • when you have a write protected system partition (see HTC One S "ville") and you don't want to install the kernel module or a different kernel or you don't even have a fix for the problem
  • when you don't need other root functionality you may omit the installation of the Superuser app
Please download the files here: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=817

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Re: Information about HTC One S (villec2)

Post by raduion » Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:40 pm

Hello ,
I have a HTC OneS with S3 ( without modification) and can be connected to VW FSE Premium (version 2011 )
Phone book is taken up , I can call , but I can´t no answer from VW display. Also on bord is displayed only HTC One S , Bluetooth symbol ( no Premium) and no 3G. The SMS does not work.
On phone display is not showing "X" above the symbol for the GSM signal, no SIM in the phone disconnects.
I want to install your Apps but it is no possibility, maybe only on a rooted phone.
There is a way to install this apps without root ( the phone is new, I bought it three days ago and do not want to lose warranty).
Sorry for bad english.
Thank you for your feed-back !

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Re: Information about HTC One S (villec2)

Post by admin » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:00 pm

You are using the Premium FSE with "Handsfree" profile.I don't know much about this profile and which phone has which problems with it, so I cannot help you. Maybe someone else can?

It is not possible to run my app without at least unlocking the bootloader, which may already void the warranty. Sorry, I would do without root, if only I could...

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