Xperia T reboots after rSAP-connection

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Kollege Kommtgleich
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Xperia T reboots after rSAP-connection

Post by Kollege Kommtgleich » Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:24 am

Hi guys, hope you can help with this one:

I have a Sony Xperia Style T3 (D5103) and a Skoda Superb II. When the phone is connected in "Premium Bluetooth Mode" (I figure that's rSAP), the SIM-card is "captured" by the car, meaning the phone shows an error that the SIM-card is not working properly. However, everything works perfectly and I can place and receive calls and so on - until I switch off the car. Then the phone "regains" its SIM-card, shows a message that a new SIM-card has been inserted and performs the necessary reboot.
That's quite annoying, because often I forget to enter the SIMlock-code and then I am not available for hours until I use my phone again and realize I haven't unlocked it after the restart.

Is there any way to avoid this reboot by telling the phone that the rSAP-connection is not actually stealing the SIM-card?

Thanks for your help. Your, Kollege

P.S.: My phone is not rooted or anything. Android version is 4.4.4

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Re: Xperia T reboots after rSAP-connection

Post by admin » Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:59 pm

First I'm astonished that the phone supports rSAP out of the box, this is the first Sony phone I know of :D

I'm afraid you cannot do anything about this. I had a similar behavior with my app in rare cases on some phones, but I'd consider it a bug. Normally the phone simply loses network access and regains it after you switch off the car, without any messages whatsoever.

You can make calls with your Xperia while it is connected to the car...? :shock:

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