HTC One / VW - few issues I need help with

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HTC One / VW - few issues I need help with

Post by mattttam » Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:48 pm

I wonder if someone can help?I have an unlocked and rooted HTC one and VW premium car kit.

The phone connects to the car kit and I can make and receive calls, but I can't get my contacts to transfer.
I have tried installing the app via the zip files, and also the installer in the play store (generic).
I have tried deleting the profile in the car, removing the paring from the phone. I tried with the phone book app and without.
I tried the rooted stock HTC Rom and also a custom Rom (android revolution hd). Basically I tried everything I can think of :) .
Does anyone have any ideas to get me going with this?

The other issue I have is that on disconnecting from the car, I get a notification on the phone saying 'new SIM card connected - tap to complete setup'. This is a smallish problem, but I get no data functions (and I guess call functions) unless I tap to complete setup and enter my network provider details, and I sometimes forget.

This is a great app and solution, but not currently working as well as it could for me, and I'm sure it's just something specific with my setup. Any suggestions, advice or pointers would be hugely appreciated.

Once I have this all working nicely, my next challenge will be to get data working alongside rsap -looking forward to that one, and will of course share anythibg I think will help others to get their lovely HTC One working as it should....

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Re: HTC One / VW - few issues I need help with

Post by admin » Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:56 pm

rSAP does not have any effect on the phonebook (except probably SIM contacts) so it doesn't change anything when you change something in the rSAP configuration. Only the phonebook app has an effect on the phonebook - easy to guess.

Do you have a "last connected" state in the phonebook app under a profile? Perhaps it helps to reboot the phone or even redo the Bluetooth pairing after installation of the phonebook app.

I don't know how this SIM setup works, but I guess it is something that's triggered by the card itself. Why do you have to set provider details? I've never seen that with any card. Is the APN for your provider not contained in the default list? Does the same happen when you remove and reinsert the SIM card?

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