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HTC One & VW Original Touch Kit

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HTC One & VW Original Touch Kit

Post by timbo84 » Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:35 pm


Been having connection issues for a while now so need some help please! I'm using an HTC One in a 2013 VW Polo with the Original Touch Phone Kit (a screen mounted on the dash, not via the radio).

I've tried a lot of possible fixes, none of which seem to be working. I've tried re pairing, using rSAP installation app (after rooting my phone), phonebook app, rSAP trial app etc etc. When I got the phonebook app the connection did work for a while and I was able to sync my phonebook but then the connection started dropping again the next time I tried it. The device in my car will just reset every minute or so (back to the VW screen).

One question I have is what type of contacts will my HTC sync with the Bluetooth device? Is it just sim contacts or will it work with googlemail, phone contacts etc?

Not very happy with HTC as the device worked fine with my previous Iphone and my friends S3.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks, Tim

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Re: HTC One & VW Original Touch Kit

Post by admin » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:36 pm

I can only say that the "Touch" kit does not support rSAP. Apart from that I have no idea what may go wrong.

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