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Htc one unable to pair Opel Corsa "Touch and Connect"

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Htc one unable to pair Opel Corsa "Touch and Connect"

Post by LeechNL » Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:46 pm

I'm having a problem with pairing my phone to my car, which is driving me nuts. It used to work, although i had difficulty's setting it up the first time. Here is te story...

I had a Htc one x+, which worked flawlessly. Connected straight away, phonebook worked no problem. Then i sold the one x+ and got a One (m7). It would not pair. I tried 30/40 times and then it worked. Sometimes i had to reenter pin, but the pairing stayed. The phonebook didn't work, but your app fixed that for me :D
1 month ago, my nav system was stolen, and has now been replaced by an identical system. So, i tried to pair the One with the new identical system. It won't work, despite how many times i try, it won't work. It keeps saying pairing attempt rejected by car hf unit. I do see the pin screen flash by in the background. I've visited the dealer, and they hooked it up to the computer. They say it has the latest firmware, and the mechanic could pair his Samsung s3 without issues. So i know the unit works, just not with my One anymore :(

Could your rsap app possibly fix the pairing issue? My One is not rooted, and i'm really not comfertable doing it. But i'm at my wits end. I really have no idea what else to try.

I'm really hesitant to root my device seeing that so many have so much trouble doing it.

Could the hci logger shed some light on what might cause my problem?

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Re: Htc one unable to pair Opel Corsa "Touch and Connect"

Post by admin » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:05 pm

rSAP surely will not fix your problem!

I'd first try to remove as much information from both devices about each other: In Android Bluetooth settings you should remove the car and you should try to reset the car to factory settings if possible. Then try to start the pairing from car, if that doesn't work try from phone. If it still doesn't work I'm also at my wits end. A HCI log may show the cause of the problems, but I don't understand the pairing process very well - so far I had no need because I never had problems.

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Re: Htc one unable to pair Opel Corsa "Touch and Connect"

Post by LeechNL » Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:12 pm

Ok, wel thanks for clearing that up. I though perhaps using your app I could use a different Bluetooth stack, which would pair without issues. But I'm glad that I don't have to root, because I was really scared to do that.

I'm now doing a full backup of my phone, and I'll then do a full factory reset. Perhaps that might help. I know the phone is capable of connecting, because it did so with the previous nav unit.

Anyway, thanks for your phonebook app! I couldn't sync contacts without it!!

I'll report back with an update (hopefully succesful)

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