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Information about HTC One (m7)

Post by admin » Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:10 am

Remote SIM Access

The HTC One (m7) is supported by the installer app starting with version 2.2.6.
Starting with 2.3 of installer and rSAP app the HTC One is also recognized by Audi, Mercedes and Porsche car phones.
Starting with 2.4.5 of the installer app the system files can also be installed using custom recovery when the system partition is write protected.

Known issues:
  • I saw unexpected PIN request once in a while. After entering the correct PIN the phone rejected it. Please do not enter a PIN in the mobile until the rSAP connection is finished! I'll further observe this and try to find a fix.


The HTC One uses the "old" Broadcom Bluetooth stack. It does not have the problem with "work", "home", ... mail addresses. The last data package seems to be invalid which may cause problems, but so far only my PC testing software complained.

The HTC One is compatible with the Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP) of my Bluetooth Phonebook app.

How to root

I had a real hard time rooting my HTC One! First I tried the HTC One Toolkit by Hasoon2000 from here: ... ?t=2183942. The problem was that I could not flash any recovery. When trying to boot into the newly flashed recovery the screen flashed shortly, then the normal system booted. Then I found this ... a-problem/ and tried to flash the recovery as boot.img which also didn't work for me. Now I could boot into recovery, install Superuser zip, but Superuser didn't show up after reboot.

After several hours, just before throwing the shiny new phone against the wall, I manually relocked the bootloader and unlocked it again, and voila, everything worked as it should. I don't know if Hasoon2000's toolkit did something wrong or if any other of my actions fixed it.

Long story short: be prepared for problems...

Of course the HTC stock ROM also has the "feature" that the system partition is not writeable, like all other HTC phones starting with Android 4.1. So if you don't use a custom ROM please install the rSAP system files with the recovery zip file! There is already a kernel module to fix this problem, but no easy way to install it: ... ?t=2230341. If you use a HTC stock ROM please use the alternate installation.

HTC really sucks! If the phones weren't so beautiful...

Alternate Installation

This is no longer needed since the installer app version 2.4.5 and later can create the zip files on the fly. I leave the files for those who prefer to use them for whatever reason ;)

You may optionally use these zip files in recovery for installation/deinstallation of the rSAP system files instead of the rSAP installer app:
  • when you have a write protected system partition (see above) and you don't want to install the kernel module or a different kernel
  • when you don't need other root functionality you may omit the installation of the Superuser app
Installation file for custom recovery (version 2.4.1)
(161.15 KiB) Downloaded 1055 times
Deinstallation file for custom recovery (version 2.4.1)
(125.36 KiB) Downloaded 415 times
You still need a custom recovery to flash the zip files, so your phone must at least be unlocked. The zip file does not work for the HTC One X!


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