Rsap was working, now not

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Rsap was working, now not

Post by Wippa » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:27 pm

HI all

Great site

My s4 9505 worked just fine out the box with my audi a7. I could text, google maps, streetview, 3g signal was bright and so on. No issues at all.

Then something happened. My thoughts are that I upgraded the software to 4.3 and its this which has scuppered it. Normal Bluetooth works - ie voice dial, access to contacts, and call lists no problem. But the sexy stuff has gone.

When I go into the options panel, bonded devise and click on it, the option is there for car phone. So I press it, it connects, google symbol fires up, 3g connects ... and then it stops, and it disconnects and then I have to connect it via handsfree profile and go back to traditional Bluetooth.

Technically, I guess none of this is a major problem, but I bought the car for the sexy stuff. Got rid of my iPhone 'cause that wouldn't work properly and got this thinking everything would be fine. And it was for 4 whole weeks.

So my questions are - 1 do you think this app will correct this, 2 are there other reports of this being broken with 4.3 update 3. any suggestions if its not an android thing?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: Rsap was working, now not

Post by admin » Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:30 am

You may make a quick test if the abort is caused by phonebook problems. Simply install the trial version of my phonebook app.

If this doesn't help maybe my rSAP app helps, although it's not very likely, because it uses the same software base as Samsungs solution. If your phone is already rooted you may simply try.

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