Vodaphone dualbill (2 pins)

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Vodaphone dualbill (2 pins)

Post by kingfisher » Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:19 pm

I have a vodaphone "duobill" sim card which comes with two telephone numbers, two mailboxes and two separate bills (one for work and one for home use). The pin to sign on to either of these numbers starts with the same four digits and then ends with "01" for business use and "02" for home use.

I have successfully connected the phone to my car (a VW Passatt with mobile premium) using pin+01, but what I was expecting was that the phone would then go into "sleep mode" and all calls and text messages would be handled by the car itself. This doesn't happen. The phone stays active.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge they can share on this? I would really like the phone to hibernate so that it saves battery.

I am using the trial version of rSAP at the moment and am not sure if this makes a difference....


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Re: Vodaphone dualbill (2 pins)

Post by admin » Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:31 pm

Can you still make calls with the mobile? I noticed that the receiption signal strength ist still shown on the S4 when you use my app, although it is no longer possible to make calls. This is a bug in my app, but it's only "cosmetic".

The phone does not enter a special sleep mode, it only switches off the mobile radio. I don't know how much power this saves, but I guess it's not very much. The biggest consumer of power in a smartphone is always the display. From my experience I guess that switching the display on for a few seconds eats more than all radio connectios in several hours.

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