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Galaxy S5 + Audi MMI 2G Connection Problems

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Re: Galaxy S5 + Audi MMI 2G Connection Problems

Post by admin » Sat May 31, 2014 3:43 pm

After looking a second time I found the problem, but I sadly don't have a clue what you can do about it: The important RUN GSM ALGORITHM command fails. This is necessary to verify that your SIM card is valid. Your card simply repeats the response to the previous command instead of the correct data, that's why the phone cannot log into the mobile network. First I was also looking for a reason for the connection abort...

What's confusing me is that you said you tested the old SIM card in the S5 and it didn't work, and the new card worked in the S3? This suggests that the problem is not in the card but in the part of the firmware which Samsung rSAP as well as my app uses. So I can only recommend that you look for a firmware update.

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Re: Galaxy S5 + Audi MMI 2G Connection Problems

Post by tinpushers » Sat May 31, 2014 5:54 pm


Thanks for your time in looking in to this, It's disappointing and I can only hope that Samsung take steps to get it fixed some time soon. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had these problems.

My initial thoughts when the problem first occurred was that it was Sim card related, especially as I had upgraded from a 3G to 4G sim with O2. I have however now tried the phone with Sims from both EE and T-Mobile and the same problem occurs with both leading me to suspect it must be the phone. Also, the $g sim works fine in the S3, my first post included the HCI log for the successful pairing with the S3 and O2 4G sim.

I will however take this opportunity to post the HCI snoop for an interesting phenomena. If I put the Sim into my S3 and pair it successfully, then take the sim out of the S3 and place it in my previously paired S5, hey presto, the Sim registers on the network and functions normally. This result however is short lived and usually within a couple of hours it's back to the old problems. I have however recorded the successful pairing with the S5 for comparison.

I guess I'll just have to hope that a fix comes out soon.

thanks to everyone


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Re: Galaxy S5 + Audi MMI 2G Connection Problems

Post by tinpushers » Wed Nov 12, 2014 7:16 pm

Just a quick follow up to this issue,

After months of trying to fix this, I finally resolved the issue with a firmware upgrade.

Although I'm not entirely sure what the initial problem was, it seems that that the O2 firmware would not allow an RSAP connection.

I eventually upgraded to ANG2/ANG3/ANG2 BTU firmware from and solved the issue.


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