Stock rom natively works, LineageOS 17.1 does not

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Stock rom natively works, LineageOS 17.1 does not

Post by jss » Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:50 pm

SG4 and Mercedes Benz SAP v2 worked natively together for a number of years. In fact, my wife's with rom I9505XXUHPK2 still works, natively.

But then I decided to flash mine with LineageOS 17.1 and, although it paired, it doesn't connect. The display reads "Please insert phone", then "Wait", as it should, but then recycles "Please insert phone" instead of displaying the phone dialer.

The log also cycles and here is an excerpt:

Code: Select all

04-16 11:40:35.976 W/libc (208): Unable to set property "ctl.interface_start" to "": error code: 0x20

04-16 11:40:35.977 E/hwservicemanager(208): Failed to set property for starting

04-16 11:40:35.974 E/SapRilReceiver(781): getSapProxy: exception: java.util.NoSuchElementException

04-16 11:40:37.322 I/SapRilReceiver(781): notifyShutdown()

04-16 11:40:37.322 D/SapRilReceiver(781): resetSapProxy :null
So, @admin, do you think your app would solve this? I wouldn't like to install the app without being assured that I can uninstall it leaving no traces, meaning, things that would hurt the remainder behavior, which I find very good.

EDIT: Just to let you know that I filed a bug at LineageOS: ... ssues/1801

Thank you,

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Re: Stock rom natively works, LineageOS 17.1 does not

Post by admin » Sun May 24, 2020 1:58 pm

Sorry for the late answer.

The rSAP app itself is nothing special. Uninstall and it's gone.

The system files are different, they modify the system. But it's easy to completely uninstall the system files with the installer app and if you don't trust this, simply install a LineageOS update (that also means that each time you run a LineageOS update you will have to reinstall the system files!).

So simply try with the trial version.

I don't think the LineageOS guys will care about rSAP unless one of them has a need for it...

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