Google Nexus 5 and Mercedes SAPv3

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Re: Google Nexus 5 and Mercedes SAPv3

Post by Quentin » Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:50 pm


Sorry for the late reply. Finally I am on vacation and have some time...

1) I have some logs made begin of this month. I can send them to you. Yes, rSAP thinks it is still connected while my car says it is not. It connects and after some minutes it disconnects. This seems to happen randomly - and as soon as I shutdown Bluetooth on the phone, I get back mobile connectivity. I rebooted the phone, it did not help. Sometimes it is rockstable for days... sometimes I get a dropped connection the whole day.

2) Now the worse things: with the release of CM11 I switched over from Stock - and hey, the problem is back... rSAP does not work at all anymore for me. If you remember: since CM 10.2 (Android 4.3) it did not work anymore on Galaxy Nexus and I thought it may be a problem because of having a BT4 compatible chip but never having supported BT4 before. But nope, Nexus 5 + CM11 Nightly + rSAP + Mercedes SAPv3 = not working. The combined process of pairing and linking fails... you once saw the logs and said it must be something deep in the Bluetooth stack, so I think that's it... I can try to report this to CM but I cannot give many details, so I don't think they will look into it...

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Re: Google Nexus 5 and Mercedes SAPv3

Post by admin » Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:23 pm

I just learned that official Google updates change the radio software on the Nexus 4 which completely breaks non-matching CyanogenMod versions. Maybe something similar also happens on the Nexus 5? But on the other hand there is only Android Kitkat available for the Nexus 5...

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