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Hello to everyone,
Today, I want to provide an update on the usage of the rSAP app together with my rooted Samsung S4 mini Duos (I9192), Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and the Audi MMI 3g+ in the rSAP mode. This combination works really fine with the only remaining issue, that the connection to the second SIM is interrupted when the connection with the MMI is established. The main issue in this is that the connection to the second SIM is not re-established when the connection to the MMI is closed. Flight mode, turning off and on of the second SIM does not help in this situation. Only a reboot of the phone establishes a connection to the second SIM again. It has to be mentioned that the reconnection for the first SIM, which was used in rSAP mode, works perfectly in the car and after leaving the car. This was not the case with the original Android 4.2.2 of Samsung and not possible with Kitkat without the rSAP app, as original rSAP is not supported by Samsung in 4.4.2.
Thus, I have established a workaround that I want to share with the forum. I have set up the Dual SIM always on in the Settings/My device/SIM card manager menu. This results in forwarding the calls from one phone number to the other SIM, if the first one is not available (This is the case, if there is a call on the other SIM, or if it is disconnected because of the rSAP mode of the other SIM.). Thus, I can receive calls from both numbers in the car.
I disable the second SIM in the Settings/My device/SIM card manager menu either before I enter the car or when the phone is already connected to the car,. In order to simplify this process I use the App QuickShortcutMaker, whichs provides me a direct symbol on the main screen for the submenu. Thus, deactivating of the second SIM is no big deal.
After leaving the car, I re-activate the second SIM in the same submenu. In this case the second SIM can be turned on without rebooting of the phone. If I forget this step this is no problem as the calls are still forwarded to the first SIM.
The telephone book can be directly used in the Audi MMI 3g+.
It was necessary to install the phonebook app in order to get the telephone book available in a Volkswagen with the Premium telephone module of the year 2008. However, with this app the rSAP connection works perfectly in the Volkswagen as well.
I wonder, if it would be possible that the rSAP app turns off the second SIM automatically as soon as the connection to the car is established. It would be nice, if the app can turn on the second SIM after losing the connection to the car. This would be really great!
Finally, I want to state that I really more than happy because these two apps are available. I hope that I can support the further development by this report.

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