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Samsung S5 g901F can't connect rSAP

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:58 am
by Peter Winterman
Just bought a Samsung S5 g901F for my Audi A6 MMI (2013) to use Audi Connect.
Initially i could not connect to my car (only handy and media option, no sim access).
Rooted the S5 and installed rSAP app everything fine.
But still i can't select in the MMI the option for the sim access.

Additional information:
Model SM-G901F
Android 6.0.1
rSAP V3.0.5 SIM Access Profile app mention rSAP actief

I tried already different sim-card, deleted all bluetooth devices in my car, but no change it works.
Can somebody help me please ?


Re: Samsung S5 g901F can't connect rSAP

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:30 am
by admin
Is it a G910F? This should support rSAP perfectly with the Samsung stock ROM.

I rather suspect that your Audi does not support rSAP. It's difficult to find out if it does, Audi changed the necessary options often. First it was called "Autotelefon", then "Audi connect", now its "Audi Phonebox". Usually rSAP capable cars also have a physical SIM slot somewhere. But as far as I remember newer cars (> 2016?) may have a physical SIM slot but still don't support rSAP.

It's a big mess...

Re: Samsung S5 g901F can't connect rSAP

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:45 am
by Peter Winterman
Admin many thanks for your answer, your answer is fully correct.

After contacting Audi Germany and 2 Audi dealers in the Netherland they could confirm that my audi has NO possibility to use the rSAP function..... i am so confused.
My Audi is Bluetooth equipped but it should be Bluetooth "online" equipped.
I mentioned to Audi that this was very confusing, but according to them Audi explained this very clear....

Anyway, their is NO possibility to install this feature in the aftermarket, it only can be installed at the factory ;-(( because it needs the official connection to their Connect Dbase.

I spent money for the Samsung S5, i bought the rSAP app with as final result that the phone is working perfect with rSAP but my car can not handle.... waste of money and frustrations about Audi connectivity :oops:


Re: Samsung S5 g901F can't connect rSAP

Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:22 pm
by admin
Sorry for that. In my opinion Audi does a bad job describing their Bluetooth options, especially rSAP. Even worse, the necessary options change constantly over time and between different Audi models. While some time ago it was sufficient to have "Audi connect", in recent cars you need a nav system and the Audi phone box. Although the pbone box is meant to improve the receiption for "Handsfree" profile operation...