Is there a step by step guide to root the phone

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Is there a step by step guide to root the phone

Post by MrBond » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:52 pm

I have a HTC Desire Z (Vodafone NL) and like to try the rSAP app and therefore I have to root the phone first.

For the last months I did a lot of searching on Google to find out how to root the phone but I did not find any good manual.
I did find several manuals but also many error-replies to the manuals so I don't want to try them :cry: .

Is there anybode arround who know to do this job the right way and can provide me with a good step by step manual?

It's important to know that the softwareversion on my HTC Desire Z is 1.82.405.1.

Thanks :mrgreen: in advance!

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Re: Is there a step by step guide to root the phone

Post by eddie_f » Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:00 pm

Hi there,

you need version 1.34.405.5 of the phone software to even have the possibility to root your phone. You can't do it with any newer version, because there is still no way to get around HTCs restrictions.

Since you stated, that you are on Vodafone, you may have branded version of the phone and may need a goldcard. If your phone is not branded, then chances are high that you can get it rooted by a normal guide.

This is the guide over at XDA developers that describes the process.

You will loose your warranty if you do that, but I think you already knew it, and I told it just to make sure you got it and can't blame me later ;)

You will also need an android SDK installation, fully patched, on your computer to get the adb tool needed for the process. You can grab your copy over here
Make sure to run SDK Manager.exe once, the click on accept all to download the whole SDK and the get the latest tools. Only after downloading all the stuff you will have the adb.exe in the platform-tools directory in your SDK installation. So be patient and don't skip anything there.

If your phone is branded by Vodafone, you should carefully read through the thread to get the information you need for the goldcard stuff and correct software to downgrade your phone.


I hope this will help you. I personally don't have a branded phone, so I don't have any experience with the problems you may encounter there.

- Eddie
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Thanks for the DUN plugin, you are the best!

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