Motorola / Lenovo Moto Z 2016/17 ?

Discussions about running the rSAP app on Motorola phones
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Re: Motorola / Lenovo Moto Z 2016/17 ?

Post by Liftboy » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:05 am

I'm quit busy and don't won't to brick the story. When I'll get time, next try to get connected.

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Re: Motorola / Lenovo Moto Z 2016/17 ?

Post by alexanderfitu » Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:52 am

Markus wrote:I was able to upload the file sap_security_restrictions with QPST. First QPST stopped with exception while uploading the file, but after enabling Factory Testmode with QXDM it worked. Now I get error:
SIM Verbindung
Parameter StatusChange hat nicht den Wert CardReset
qmi_error = 0x0034

Can I help to somehow solve this error message?
I have the same problem/scenario as Markus. Unlocked the baseband and get stuck with 0x0034. Did anybody get any success?

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Re: Motorola / Lenovo Moto Z 2016/17 ?

Post by collaborator » Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:58 pm

admin wrote:I'll try to explain the whole rSAP problem:

All Qualcomm phones basically support rSAP inside their baseband software. But nearly all phones (except HTC, LG and some others) miss the software parts between Bluetooth and baseband. This is what my app does. It creates a Bluetooth service and routes the rSAP functions to the baseband/radio. The last step requires the system files, which hook into the "Radio Interface Layer".

Some time ago Qualcomm added another hurdle to access the rSAP functions in the baseband software. You need to create a file in the baseband file system. This is done with the QPST tool. If you don't, all rSAP functions return an "access denied" error. Recently newer phones don't even allow the creation of the file without a "Factory Test Mode" being active.

Maybe I should also mention that the baseband software is a whole system running next to Android which handles (among others) all radio connections and the SIM card. It is completely closed source! When you install LineageOS or some other custom ROM you still use the stock baseband software. So it doesn't really care which Android you use, except the ever increasing security restrictions of newer Android versions and Bluetooth problems because of the incomplete Android Bluetooth API.
I guess this question is for admin directly. I am interested in Moto Z solution too, however I am struggling with my baseband. How do you actually reflash a baseband subsystem and start from scratch (replace one baseband with another - eg. replace verizon baseband with a generic retail baseband)? Can I use the Qualcomm tools and how would I go about it? Thank you for your help.

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Re: Motorola / Lenovo Moto Z 2016/17 ?

Post by admin » Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:22 pm

Sorry I missed your post.

Baseband is one of the image files contained in a full system image. Usually it is flashed in fastboot mode. You can only flash a baseband software which is made for your device, so I'm not sure if you can replace a Verizon baseband with a generic one.

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