Support for Exchange contacts would be super

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Support for Exchange contacts would be super

Post by vodeba » Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:51 pm


I have been pulling hair of my head because the phonebook hasn't been syncing from my LG G3 since 6.0 update. Today I found that the reason is 6.0 pbap bug which causes it. Also I learned that Bluetooth Phonebook app would be the way to bypass this issue and I was excited that this would be the fix but no. Program works fine and indeed my car headunit makes the connection to my phone BUT it only can see my Gmail addresbook and the phone's built-in phonebook.

Would it be possible to add the support so I could choose other accounts aswell, specially the Exchange account and it's contacts would be great. Altough this app is great but I do not wish to make "paperclip" fixes that I sync exchange contacts separately to gmail/phone internal contacts, which makes them available to Bluetoot Phonebook app.

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