HTC M8 Dual Sim lineage14 VW Touareg Premium FSE: works!

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HTC M8 Dual Sim lineage14 VW Touareg Premium FSE: works!

Post by Mark1234 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:22 pm

I updated my HTC M8 Dual sim (HTC m8d) with the custom ROM Cdroid which is based on lineage 14 (Nougat 7.1.2)
Installation with MKv2 succeded, due to S-On with recovery option install.
First Bluetooth connect works incl. connection to the Premium FSE, but the phone could not disconnect and reestablish local phone network. Installed reconnect plugin and tried again,- no improvements... error messages "Get version..", "Time out.."

The solution:
Put the target SIM in slot 1 of the phone
Delete all existing users in the Car System and start from scratch
Configure the reconnect plugin to the second option: Restart RIL demon
Reconnect with fresh bluetooth coupling and allow remembering on the phone
A new car system user is created- after that calling works already
For phonebook connection download the rsap phonebook app and configure IrMC only, deselect PBAP
select phonebook update in car system, select phone storage and give it a go

For me everthing is perfect now...

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