Galaxy S5 Plus SM-G901F LineageOS

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Galaxy S5 Plus SM-G901F LineageOS

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I own an Galaxy S5 Plus SM-G901F with Stock ROM Android 6.0.1 and would like to know if it's supperted out of the box or with the App when using LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7) or 15.1 (Android 8).

Model: SM-G901F
Basisband: G901FXXU1CQC1

What about LineageOS support in general for rSAP when Stock support newer Samsung models: Out of the box or with the App?
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... My app should work on all AOSP based ROMs, like CyanogenMod. Be careful when flashing a custom ROM because similar named devices are in fact completely different phones (e.g. i9000, i9001, i9003). ...

Thank you.
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