Issue with new Google address format

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Issue with new Google address format

Post by Triangulix » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:58 pm

I just switched from a Golf 6 with RNS 510 to a Golf 7 with Discover Pro. Eagerly I tried all the new functionality and was happy that the phone number import still works as before and now even contact photos are visible. But there is a new feature which I would love to use: Navigation to the addresses in my Android address book.

The Discover Pro has this functionality but there is a problem: At some time in the last months Google has made some changes to the way addresses are stored. The country field is now automatically filled with the country code (DE, US, etc.) and existing country names are replaced.
The navigation feature of the Discover Pro cannot handle these country codes and dismisses the whole address. As result the whole navigate to address book entries feature doesn't work anymore.

My request is: Please implement a function that can either remove the country information from addresses on import or (preferably) allow for some kind of replacement table that could be used to replace all the country codes with country names in the user language which the navigation software expects.


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